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Release Notes of TWiki-5.1.4 (Istanbul), 2013-02-16


TWiki is an enterprise collaboration platform and application platform. TWiki has been downloaded over half a million times and is used by many leading Fortune 500 businesses and government agencies as an intranet, extranet or a public internet website.

TWiki-5.1.0 released on 2011-08-20 is a major release that brings many usability enhancements (such as point and click user data management, more visual user profile pages with picture selector, and a backup feature that helps upgrade TWiki sites) and strengthens TWiki as an application platform (such as a new macro language with parameterized variables).

TWiki-5.1.1 released on 2012-01-14 is a patch release that adds some minor new features and fixes a number of bugs.

TWiki-5.1.2 released on 2012-10-07 is a patch release that adds some minor new features and fixes a number of bugs.

TWiki-5.1.3 released on 2012-12-16 is a patch release that adds some minor new features and fixes a number of bugs, including TWiki:Codev.SecurityAlert-CVE-2012-6329.

TWiki-5.1.4 released on 2013-02-16 is a patch release that adds some minor new features and fixes a number of bugs, including TWiki:Codev.SecurityAlert-CVE-2013-1751.

New Features Highlights

  • Usability Enhancements
    • API and GUI for point and click user data management
    • Support disabled users in password manager
    • More visual user profile pages with in-place editing of form fields and picture selector
    • In-place editing of TWiki group settings using PreferencesPlugin
    • Point and click bookmarks for better usability
    • Improved statistics showing overall site usage over time, such as total number of webs, topics, users, etc
    • TopMenuSkin: Option for auto-hidden or fixed top menu-bar; in auto-hidden mode, menu is always accessible with stub - added in TWiki-5.1.2
  • TWiki Application Platform Enhancements
    • Macro language with parameterized variables
    • Ability to auto-create page on view if it does not exist
    • Relative heading levels for INCLUDE
    • Relative heading levels for SEARCH
  • Security Enhancements
    • Set a flag to force password change on next login
    • S/Mime support for notification e-mails
  • Miscellaneous Feature Enhancements
    • TWikiDocGraphics: Added 2 new icons, and updated 1 icon - added in TWiki-5.1.1
    • TWikiDocGraphics: Added 25 new icons, and updated 2 icons - added in TWiki-5.1.2
    • TWikiDocGraphics: Added 5 new icons - added in TWiki-5.1.3
    • TWikiDocGraphics: Added 5 new icons - added in TWiki-5.1.4
    • User profile pages with CSS based box shadow and rounded corners - added in TWiki-5.1.3
    • TWiki logs: Log user agent for all users; log additional info via extralog URL parameter - added in TWiki-5.1.4
  • Plugin Enhancements
    • New BackupRestorePlugin to easily backup, restore and upgrade TWiki installations
    • BackupRestorePlugin: Add restore from backup feature - added in TWiki-5.1.1
    • CommentPlugin: Send comment to multiple e-mail addresses; better layout & nicer look of default comment box - added in TWiki-5.1.3
    • New ColorPickerPlugin to pick a color in form fields
    • New SetGetPlugin that can store variables persistently
    • SetGetPlugin: Add REST interface - added in TWiki-5.1.2
    • SetGetPlugin: GET variable with format parameter - added in TWiki-5.1.3
    • SpreadSheetPlugin: New functions BITXOR(), HEXENCODE(), HEXDECODE(), XOR()
    • SpreadSheetPlugin: New functions FLOOR() and CEILING() - added in TWiki-5.1.1
    • SpreadSheetPlugin: New CALCULATE variable using the register tag handler for variable evaluation with proper inside-out, left-to-right eval order; new functions $ISDIGIT(), $ISLOWER(), $ISUPPER(), $ISWIKIWORD() and $FILTER() - added in TWiki-5.1.2
    • SpreadSheetPlugin: New function $STDEV(), $STDEVP(), $VAR(), $VARP() - added in TWiki-5.1.3

See the full list of new features and bug fixes further below.

Pre-installed Extensions

TWiki-5.1 ships with:

Note: BackupRestorePlugin, ColorPickerPlugin, SetGetPlugin are new in TWiki-5.1.

Supported User Interface Languages

The user interface of this TWiki version is localized to 19 languages:

English (default), Bulgarian (bg), Chinese simplified (zh-cn), Chinese traditional (zh-tw), Czechoslovakian (cs), Danish (da), Dutch (nl), German (de), Finnish (fi), French (fr), Italian (it), Japanese (ja), Korean (ko), Polish (pl), Portuguese (pt), Russian (ru), Slovakian (sv), Spanish (es), Ukrainian (uk).

Note: TWiki needs to be configured properly to display user interface languages other than the default English language. Details in TWiki:TWiki.InstallationWithI18N and TWiki:TWiki.InternationalizationSupplement.

Deprecation Notices

  • From TWiki 5.0 on, the ClassicSkin is deprecated and will be removed in a future release.

  • From TWiki 4.2 on, the %MAINWEB% and %TWIKIWEB% variables have been deprecated. For compatibility reasons they are unlikely to ever be removed completely, but you should use the %USERSWEB% and %SYSTEMWEB% variables instead.

  • From TWiki 4.2 on, functions TWiki::Func::getOopsUrl and TWiki::Func::permissionsSet have been declared deprecated. There is no plan to remove them yet.

  • From TWiki 4.0 on, the syntax "* Set DENYTOPICVIEW = " (nothing) in a topic means deny noone. Even if ALLOWTOPICVIEW is set to people or group setting DENYTOPICCHANGE to nothing means allow anyone. You have to remove the DENYTOPICVIEW or comment it out to have the ALLOWTOPICVIEW working. The reason for this behavior is that it enables limiting access to an entire web by setting a blank DENYTOPICVIEW setting. Same rule applies for DENYTOPICCHANGE and DENYTOPICRENAME. The rule does not apply for access rights defined for webs. Ie. "*Set DENYWEBCHANGE = " does not allow anyone to edit topics in the web. There has been strong oppinions against the syntax "* Set DENYTOPICXXXX = " meaning giving all access. So please be warned that we will change the syntax to a more transparent and logical syntax in future but we will ensure that it is still possible to secure a web and open up individual topics in future also.

Notes for TWiki Administrators and Wiki Champions

Improved User Data Management API and GUI

TWiki-5.1 introduces a new API and GUI to manage user data. It enhances the user mapping and password managers TWiki already has with point and click user management.

Password managers can declare their own data (fields with name, value, type, note) so that TWiki's user manager can show queries and forms to display and manipulate user data in a transparent way. It is a data driven design that can be extended easily.

There are two new topics for TWiki administrators:

At this time, TWiki::Users::HtPasswdUser, TWiki::Users::TWikiUserMapping and TWiki::Users::BaseUserMapping support the new user data management API. Other user mapping and password managers will follow. The implementation details are described at TWiki:Codev.UserDataManagementApiAndGUI - developers are encouraged to use the new API.

Improved Statistics Showing Overall Site Usage

TWiki used to generate just web statistics in each web. TWiki now generates also overall site usage statistics shown in Main.SiteStatistics (do not create that page, it is created automatically based on SiteStatisticsTemplate). TWikiSiteTools#WebStatistics explains how to enable automatic updates of the statistics pages.

For each month, the following items are recorded using system data and TWiki log data across all webs: Total number of webs, number of webs viewed, number of webs updated, total number of topics, number of topics viewed, number of topics updated, number of attachments, number of topic views, number of topic updates, number of files uploads, data size, pub size, disk use, number of users, number of groups, number of plugins installed compared to number of plugins available, and 10 top contributors.

The statistics script contacts twiki.org to query the number of plugins available for the currently installed TWiki version via an http GET. It also sends anonymized site usage statistics to twiki.org via query string. Example http request:





Example response:
  plugins: 196

The statistics script will not contact twiki.org if a {Stats}{DontContactTWikiOrg} configure setting is set.

Automatically Create Topics on Page View

A new feature has been introduced to automatically create a non-existing topic on page view. With this it is possible to link to a topic, and in case it does not exist, have the topic created based on a specific template when clicking on the link.

Use-case example: The new user bookmarks feature has a pulldown menu link to bookmark the current page. That link points to the <wikiname>Bookmarks page, which has a form pre-filled with the page and name of the to-be-bookmarked page. In case the user bookmarks page does not exist it is created first before showing the topic with the pre-filled form.

Details in TWikiScripts#view.

New Page Bookmarks Feature

A new bookmark feature has been introduced that replaces the personal left-bar links. Bookmarking a page is now a simple point and click operation: In the Account pulldown menu, select "Bookmark this page...". Existing bookmarks can be managed with an edit table in Main.<wikiname>Bookmarks topic, accessible via the "----- Bookmarks -----" pulldown menu of the Account pulldown.

The personal left-bar topics such as JohnSmithLeftBar are no longer used. Ask users to select the "----- Bookmarks -----" pulldown menu of the Account pulldown to initially create the bookmarks topic, then to either bookmark pages, or to manually copy & paste old left-bar links to the bookmarks topic.

User Profile Pages Tailored for Workplace

Previous user profile pages had a bare bone look and the form fields were more tailored for public TWiki sites. TWiki-5.1 brings a more visual/modern page layout with profile picture selector, as well as default form fields tailored for the workplace.

Changes to the TWiki.UserForm:


  • FirstName to First Name (no change in %META:FIELD name)
  • LastName to Last Name (no change in %META:FIELD name)
  • OrganisationName to Organization
  • OrganisationURL to URL
  • Profession to Titles
  • VoIP to Skype ID
  • State to Region
  • Address
  • InstantMessaging (IM)
  • HomePage
  • Comment
  • Department
  • Status Update

When upgrading user profile pages pay attention to the renamed and removed fields.

Upgrade From Earlier Releases

Follow the TWikiUpgradeGuide to install TWiki and migrate data from your existing TWiki.

You can use the new BackupRestorePlugin to backup an old TWiki and then simply restore the content to a new TWiki.

TWiki-5.1.0 Major Release - Details

TWiki-5.1.0 was built from SVN http://svn.twiki.org/svn/twiki/trunk revision r22128 (2011-08-20)


TWikibug:Item6511 New PARENTTOPIC variable
TWikibug:Item6512 Adjust the search order for WebTopicEditTemplate to also include the USERSWEB
TWikibug:Item6515 Relative Heading Levels for INCLUDE
TWikibug:Item6516 Hide TOC flag in INCLUDE
TWikibug:Item6528 Set the Flag to Change Password in next Login
TWikibug:Item6560 Relative Heading Levels for SEARCH
TWikibug:Item6586 User Data Management API and GUI
TWikibug:Item6587 Support Disabled Users in Password Manager
TWikibug:Item6598 Feature: Parameterized Variables
TWikibug:Item6599 Add format parameter to var URLPARAM
TWikibug:Item6615 Build: Add ColorPickerPlugin to Core TWiki Distribution
TWikibug:Item6620 Add encode parameter to FORMFIELD
TWikibug:Item6639 Add writeLog() to TWiki::Func
TWikibug:Item6640 Add isValidWebName() and isValidTopicName() to TWiki::Func
TWikibug:Item6656 Add meta data to attachment save handler
TWikibug:Item6670 SetGetPlugin: Make variables persistent across topic invocations
TWikibug:Item6671 Build: Add SetGetPlugin to Core TWiki Distribution
TWikibug:Item6672 New HIDE variable
TWikibug:Item6680 Add counter to session variables
TWikibug:Item6684 Include parameters with default feature
TWikibug:Item6685 New Site Statistics Page feature
TWikibug:Item6690 SpreadSheetPlugin: New functions BITXOR(), HEXDECODE(), HEXDECODE(), XOR()
TWikibug:Item6712 User interface translation for TWiki-5.1.0
TWikibug:Item6724 Feature Proposal: Pass text and meta data to registerTagHandler callback
TWikibug:Item6731 InterwikiPlugin: Allow quotes in page pattern, and URL-encode quoted page patterns
TWikibug:Item6733 TWikiUserMappingContrib: More Visual User Profile Pages
TWikibug:Item6747 Set form field on file upload (for better usability of profile picture upload)
TWikibug:Item6748 TWikiUserMappingContrib: Usability: Use PreferencesPlugin to edit TWiki group settings
TWikibug:Item6749 S/Mime support for notification e-mails
TWikibug:Item6750 Encode also space in encode="html" to preserve TML in HTML input fields
TWikibug:Item6759 PatternSkin: User Bookmarks for better usability
TWikibug:Item6762 Usability: Auto-create page on view if it does not exist
TWikibug:Item6768 TagMePlugin: Allow login name or WikiName for queries
TWikibug:Item6769 Build: Add BackupRestorePlugin to core TWiki distribution
TWikibug:Item6777 PreferencesPlugin: Scroll to preferences section on edit
TWikibug:Item6778 TWikiUserMappingContrib: Usability: Use PreferencesPlugin to edit user profile settings
TWikibug:Item6780 TopMenuSkin: Usability: Link to UserList topic instead of TWikiUsers
TWikibug:Item6781 configure: Configure Support for Task Framework
TWikibug:Item6782 TWikiUserMappingContrib: Usability: Add search filter to UserList
Total: 39


TWikibug:Item6209 WebTopicCreator: underscores in topic name with WebTopicCreator are not possible
TWikibug:Item6496 TWiki 5 configuration page wrongly complains "This version of Perl is likely to exhibit extremely slow performance for certain critical operations."
TWikibug:Item6658 When a URL parameter with value 0 is passed into getScriptUrl, it is incorrectly removed
TWikibug:Item6687 Statistics: Statistics script leaves temp files behind
TWikibug:Item6715 Better layout for checkboxes of TWiki forms while in edit mode
TWikibug:Item6732 TagMePlugin: Administrator can't delete tag if Main web is renamed to User web
TWikibug:Item6751 TopMenuSkin: Cutoff buttons in header when using IE7
TWikibug:Item6754 CommentPlugin: Action comment template in CommentPlugin is missing %ENDACTION%
TWikibug:Item6755 Displayed search string shows expanded TWiki variables and text formatting
TWikibug:Item6757 Configure: Unprofessional text in Configure utility
TWikibug:Item6763 TopMenuSkin: WYSIWG editor corrupts TopMenuSkin system pages
TWikibug:Item6767 TWiki statistics update not working properly on CentOS 5
TWikibug:Item6770 Warning message: Use of uninitialized value in lc at twiki/lib/TWiki/UI/Edit.pm line 83
TWikibug:Item6775 Require Perl 5.8 or later
TWikibug:Item6779 TablePlugin: Tables rendering too dark in Firefox 4
TWikibug:Item6783 configure: Incorrect file test in bin/configure
TWikibug:Item6784 DoS on bin/search with an asterisk wildcard using bookview
TWikibug:Item6788 Better error handling in create new topic screen
TWikibug:Item6789 SlideShowPlugin: Better error handling in SLIDESHOWSTART variable
TWikibug:Item6790 configure: Wrong type in "MailProgram.pm" of configure
TWikibug:Item6792 TWikiUserMappingContrib: Typo fix in registration page and change e-mail address page
Total: 21

TWiki-5.1.1 Patch Release - Details

TWiki-5.1.1 was built from SVN http://svn.twiki.org/svn/twiki/branches/TWikiRelease05x01 revision r22570 (2012-01-14)


TWikibug:Item6795 BackupRestorePlugin: Add restore from backup feature
TWikibug:Item6796 Documentation: Documentation work for TWiki-5.1.1
TWikibug:Item6797 Documentation: New TWiki Doc Graphics icons for TWiki-5.1.1
TWikibug:Item6798 Translation: Translation work for TWiki-5.1.1
TWikibug:Item6804 SpreadSheetPlugin: New functions FLOOR() and CEILING()
TWikibug:Item6828 SetGetPlugin: Removing write to persistent if already exists, and adding data dump
Total: 6


TWikibug:Item6725 Plugins: Change global package variables from "use vars" to "our"
TWikibug:Item6800 Use of qw(...) as parentheses, which is deprecated in Perl 5.14
TWikibug:Item6802 Disallow plus (+) character in topic name
TWikibug:Item6803 SpreadSheetPlugin: EVAL function bug with zeroes after decimal point
TWikibug:Item6806 Uninitialized value error in UI/Save.pm
TWikibug:Item6807 Configure: Configure: invalid html, restricted input control width
TWikibug:Item6809 Configure: Configure regexp checker broken
TWikibug:Item6811 Check permissions in save access control settings
TWikibug:Item6813 TWiki::UI::Save::save ignores topic name changes when redirecting on save
TWikibug:Item6814 TWikiUserMappingContrib: Excessive indexing of UserProfileHeader by search engines
TWikibug:Item6821 Documentation: Font in list of similar topics in WebTopicViewTemplate gets progressively smaller in some browsers
TWikibug:Item6823 Use of uninitialized value in concatenation in Users.pm
TWikibug:Item6824 Confusing period in registration activation e-mail
TWikibug:Item6825 Configure: RE error in Load.pm
TWikibug:Item6830 Can't save topic on command line, results in uninitialized value error
TWikibug:Item6832 Attachments: Can't upload attachments in Chrome
Total: 16

TWiki-5.1.2 Patch Release - Details

TWiki-5.1.2 was built from SVN http://svn.twiki.org/svn/twiki/branches/TWikiRelease05x01 revision r23565 (2012-10-07)


TWikibug:Item6835 Documentation: New TWiki Doc Graphics icons for TWiki-5.1.2
TWikibug:Item6836 Translation: Translation work for TWiki-5.1.2
TWikibug:Item6844 Create new web should always copy all topics from template web
TWikibug:Item6861 Formatted search summary with expanded TWiki variables
TWikibug:Item6863 TWikiUserMappingContrib: Limit size of tag cloud in profile pages
TWikibug:Item6866 SpreadSheetPlugin: New CALCULATE variable using the register tag handler for variable evaluation with proper inside-out, left-to-right eval order
TWikibug:Item6873 Show sub-webs indented in the SiteMap
TWikibug:Item6877 Auto-incrementing topic names using AUTOINC with optional trailing string
TWikibug:Item6897 SpreadSheetPlugin: New functions $ISDIGIT(), $ISLOWER(), $ISUPPER(), $ISWIKIWORD()
TWikibug:Item6898 SpreadSheetPlugin: New $FILTER() function
TWikibug:Item6923 TagMePlugin: Nicer reporting pages with gray gradients tabs
TWikibug:Item6925 TopMenuSkin: Show TWiki help link in top-menu bar
TWikibug:Item6929 TWikiUserMappingContrib: Doc enhancements
TWikibug:Item6934 TopMenuSkin: Option for auto-hidden or fixed top menu-bar; in auto-hidden mode, menu is always accessible with stub.
TWikibug:Item6943 SetGetPlugin: Add REST interface
Total: 15


TWikibug:Item4782 Checking "Remember me on this computer" in login screen fails to log me in at all
TWikibug:Item6534 Insecure dependency in tools/extender.pl when installing extension in configure
TWikibug:Item6838 Add Perl logo next to TWiki logo at bottom of page
TWikibug:Item6840 Web names that are WikiWords make for broken links when including topics across webs
TWikibug:Item6846 Disable rename/deletion of system webs (TWiki and Main)
TWikibug:Item6849 Search summary broken if TWiki variable spans more than one line
TWikibug:Item6850 Nicer comma-space delimited display of TWiki Group members
TWikibug:Item6852 PreferencesPlugin: Input types checkbox and select+multi are broken
TWikibug:Item6854 Cannot add attachments with TWiki 5.1.1 and IE 8
TWikibug:Item6864 Variable expansion in TOC{"Topic"} does not work
TWikibug:Item6865 Redirect to viewauth shows domain name twice (Apache login)
TWikibug:Item6869 TWikiDrawPlugin does not save changes
TWikibug:Item6874 Apache Config Generator - Does not use new Apache 2.4.x Access Controls
TWikibug:Item6876 Use of uninitialized value in concatenation in tool-tip topic info of unknown user
TWikibug:Item6881 User dir installation broken with URL sanitization if dir contains a ~ tilde
TWikibug:Item6888 Add # character to {NameFilter}
TWikibug:Item6890 Multi-value parameters lost during login redirect
TWikibug:Item6894 TWikiUserMappingContrib: Filter out dots when creating WikiWord name from login name
TWikibug:Item6900 EditTablePlugin: Warning: "my" variable %regex masks earlier declaration
TWikibug:Item6903 Searching a topic that includes another topic that contains an image, breaks the image
TWikibug:Item6905 configure: RCS can cause software error on configure
TWikibug:Item6914 Securing attachments: Use Alias/ScriptAlias instead of Apache rewrite rules
TWikibug:Item6920 RCS problems under Fedora 17 (+other new rcs) prevent Configure from running
TWikibug:Item6921 Alpha-type ordered lists don't work in IE-9
TWikibug:Item6924 Remove anchors and simple variables in formatted search summary
TWikibug:Item6928 Logging in GMT
TWikibug:Item6936 TopMenuSkin: Pulldown menu closes too early on hover if more than one menu on page
TWikibug:Item6957 PreferencesPlugin: Radio butons, checkboxes, and labels are displayed on the line below Set VAR =
TWikibug:Item6960 SpreadSheetPlugin: Form action of interactive formula evaluation feature has old format
Total: 29

TWiki-5.1.3 Patch Release - Details

TWiki-5.1.3 was built from SVN http://svn.twiki.org/svn/twiki/branches/TWikiRelease05x01 revision r24504 (2012-12-16)


TWikibug:Item6945 CommentPlugin: Send comment to multiple e-mail addresses
TWikibug:Item6958 Documentation: New TWiki Doc Graphics icons for TWiki-5.1.3
TWikibug:Item6959 Translation: Translation work for TWiki-5.1.3
TWikibug:Item6962 Documentation work for TWiki-5.1.3
TWikibug:Item6967 CommentPlugin: Better layout of default comment box
TWikibug:Item6979 InterwikiPlugin: INTERWIKIPLUGIN_RULESTOPIC enhancement
TWikibug:Item7018 SpreadSheetPlugin: Test Cases for all SpreadSheetPlugin functions; refactor plugin to use function hash for better performance
TWikibug:Item7023 SpreadSheetPlugin: New function $STDEV(), $STDEVP(), $VAR(), $VARP()
TWikibug:Item7032 SetGetPlugin: GET variable with format parameter
TWikibug:Item7042 TWikiUserMappingContrib: CSS based box shadow and rounded corners for user profile pages
Total: 10


TWikibug:Item6944 CommentPlugin: Get script URL with TWiki::Func::getMasterWebScriptUrl
TWikibug:Item6969 PreferencesPlugin: Various edge cases are not handled properly
TWikibug:Item6978 SetGetPlugin: Plugin may fail due to Data::Dumper not being loaded
TWikibug:Item6982 Links in INCLUDE across web have gratuitous trailing parenthesis
TWikibug:Item6992 Topic preferences in template topics are lost when creating a new topic
TWikibug:Item7002 VarMETASEARCH was showing up in UserDocumentationCategory
TWikibug:Item7005 Documentation: Webs that have a WikiWord name are shown as "TWiki.WikiWordWeb" in sitemap
TWikibug:Item7006 PatternSkin: Removing obsolete and unreferenced PatternSkinHeaderArt topic
TWikibug:Item7008 PreferencesPlugin: Radio buttons are not displayed inline on webkit browsers
TWikibug:Item7009 PreferencesPlugin: Edit Preferences button to fail if the user does not have change permission
TWikibug:Item7015 TablePlugin: Cannot handle date (0, 0, 0, 14, 2, 1100) error on very early date
TWikibug:Item7028 PreferencesPlugin: Disable submit button when current site is mode read-only or slave.
TWikibug:Item7029 PreferencesPlugin: Redirect to master site when current site mode is slave.
TWikibug:Item7051 Insecure dependency in open when renaming a topic
TWikibug:Item7067 Configure: Configure adds extra (?^: ... ) to regex variables on save under Perl 5.14
TWikibug:Item7068 Time: SEARCH{date="interval"} incorrectly handles DST when in GMT timezone
TWikibug:Item7080 Security Alert CVE-2012-6329: TWiki MAKETEXT Variable Allows Arbitrary Shell Command Execution
TWikibug:Item7084 TWikiUserMappingContrib: Can't register local TWiki users with LdapContrib
TWikibug:Item7087 ICON: Icon image is undetermined if ICON parameter is empty
Total: 19

TWiki-5.1.4 Patch Release - Details

TWiki-5.1.4 was built from SVN http://svn.twiki.org/svn/twiki/branches/TWikiRelease05x01 revision r25114 (2013-02-16)


TWikibug:Item7088 Documentation: Documentation work for TWiki-5.1.4
TWikibug:Item7089 Documentation: New TWiki Doc Graphics icons for TWiki-5.1.4
TWikibug:Item7090 Documentation: Translation work for TWiki-5.1.4
TWikibug:Item7111 TWiki logs: Log user agent for all users; log additional info via extralog URL parameter
TWikibug:Item7141 CommentPlugin: Control over where to add the form tag in comment PROMPT template
TWikibug:Item7144 InterwikiPlugin: Observe the Links configuration parameter
Total: 6


TWikibug:Item7057 Adding the vbs file extension to mime.types
TWikibug:Item7109 Configure: Unmatched [ in regex error when saving configure
TWikibug:Item7113 Configure: Configuration log should not contain passwords
TWikibug:Item7114 Can't locate object method 'get_handle' via package 'TWiki::I18N' error when accessing restricted web
TWikibug:Item7116 Broken link to non-existing topic if link label contains image or WikiWord
TWikibug:Item7117 expandVariablesOnTopicCreation may fail if web & topic parameters are missing
TWikibug:Item7124 PatternSkin: On IE, buttons have extra left and right padding
TWikibug:Item7136 TINYMCEPLUGIN_DISABLE not working well
TWikibug:Item7145 CVE-2013-1751: Sanitize MAKETEXT variable by removing excessive tildes
TWikibug:Item7148 ColorPickerPlugin: Color picker does not work if initial value is empty
TWikibug:Item7149 Update CGI::Session module to 4.48
Total: 11

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